Drake Defends Blackface Photo, Kanye More Rapper or Producer? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Wayno, and Nadeska reacted to Drake releasing a statement to address the blackface photo from Pusha T’s ‘Story of Adidon’ diss that dropped earlier this week. Is this a major L for Drake? Can he come back from it? The crew debates that, plus break down Pusha T’s Funk Flex interview, where he said Drake’s new album won’t be as good as Daytona and dives into Drake’s dad clapping back at Wendy Williams. Later, Ak and Wayno reacted to Offset buying the guy who saved his life a new car and listen to some new music from Mac Miller.

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34 thoughts on “Drake Defends Blackface Photo, Kanye More Rapper or Producer? | Everyday Struggle

  1. Ak claims the Whitney Houston pic as the Daytona cover is in bad taste, but said he doesn't care about Drake wearing blackface. Ak is literally the peak of ignorance. Him and Drake both are social cowards.

  2. That clown Akademiks is spreading misinformation. That clip of 2Pac talking about creating fast had nothing to do with people writing his lyrics for him. He was just saying that they don't have the time or the luxury to spend all day on one song. He said he did his whole album like 3 songs a day. He wanted people to keep up with his pace because he was writing & recording so fast. That's why if you weren't done with your verse in time, you wouldn't end up on the song because he was moving so fast.

  3. Pusha T or Drake. Better album???? Pusha put a great album out. 7 solid songs you can play from beginning to end. Drake gave us two disk. Some songs I can skip but overall Drake gave us another good album. But to compare the two to who has s better album????. Both gave us good projects. But it’s hard to compare 7 songs to two disks. And also what you wanna hear. Pusha Giving you bars with great production or Drake giving some good music to vibe too.

  4. lol ak a tru drake stan. not being bothered by black face.. drake stans will accept anything even if its literally mocking them!
    drake is a culture vulture and doesn't really support the black community.
    he doesn't write his raps
    he steals entire verses!
    he bites sounds from new artists etc and the list goes on!
    drake got that other stripper preggo and made her get an abortion (jonni blaze) but the white girl said nah
    drake cried bout his daddy issues only to turn around n do the same to his kid
    when are drake stans gonna accept that drake don't care about them?

  5. If pushas response bodies drake, then how can he of been on the ropes? I would say it was more of a vicious combo that stunned him into the ropes. Then his manager took him out the fight before he could be knocked out(truly bodied). Pussy shit, I would have more respect for Drake if he did get bodied instead of quiting.

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