Drake Responds to Pusha-T With Invoice: ‘Re: Promotional Assistance and Career Reviving’

The Pusha-T and Drake beef has made its way onto social media. And we have to admit things are getting pretty entertaining.

On Thursday night, Pusha unleashed his highly anticipated third studio album DAYTONA, which included a number of shots at some of hip-hop’s biggest names. As most of you know, Drake was targeted in the album’s closing track “Infrared,” as it included an obvious reference to Drizzy’s alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller: “It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin.”

Just a day after DAYTONA hit streaming services, the 6 God responded with a scathing track called “Duppy Freestyle.” Drake went in on King Push; he questioned the rapper’s street cred and relevance, while also taking a few digs at Kanye West.

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27 thoughts on “Drake Responds to Pusha-T With Invoice: ‘Re: Promotional Assistance and Career Reviving’

  1. Drake has to resort to antics because he doesn't write…in this dumbed down social media landscape, it's all about who gets doesn the funniest antics on twitter…not who came with bars (that they wrote) #WhoWroteIt …besides Duppy freestyle is trash…you kids have no idea what a good diss track sounds like in this watered down era…even Shether was a better example of a good diss track…

  2. Pusha T = an actual rap artist that started from selling dope in the ghetto, puts time and effort into his lyrics and perfects his albums in almost every way.

    Drake = a former actor who was raised by his rich parents since birth, doesn't write his own songs, pops out albums every year with songs sounding identical to the other. More of a pop singer than a actual rapper.

    Of course the delusional Drake dickriders are defending his ass 24/7 because he's popular.

  3. How does one have the audacity to interfere with God's plan?. Pusha doesn't know that this man has Diplomatic immunity. Now everyone be asking drake, "why you do you have to be a savage, and drake be like, " Nice for what?. Now the boy is upset…smh

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