Drake Shatters 1-Week U.S. Streaming Record With ‘Scorpion’ in Just 3 Days

Another week, another streaming record broken by Drake. As reported by both Billboard and Chart Data, Drizzy’s new album Scorpion has already broken the record for the most U.S. streams in a single week, and did so in only three days. Since its release on Friday, the record has amassed 435 million on-demand streams, and that doesn’t even include today (Monday, July 2).

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26 thoughts on “Drake Shatters 1-Week U.S. Streaming Record With ‘Scorpion’ in Just 3 Days

  1. BITCH niggas Run, while REAL niggas stand their GROUND. Guess what that makes HIM? …… PUSHA T smoked that fool. J-Prince protected DRAKE like a HANDICAP kid riding that little bus with his helmet on. J-Prince is a "MF" genius. REGARDLESS of his tactics, J-Prince knew DRAKE's shit was over. I don't give a fuck what APPLE music says he did in streaming…That's SMOKE and MIRRORS…. THE FACTS ARE: PUSHA T burnt that nigga 4 life. There is absolutely no coming back from that. GAME OVER! ….. Congrats on the fake stats foreign-boy. ………… Let's make our "United States of American" rappers GREAT again. How are all you RAPPERS in the US letting a FOREIGN nigga run this RAP shit? SAD as Fuck.

  2. The only reason that his album doing well is because everybody wants to hear if he's going on low give Pusha T the business…..other than that….the album is more of the same ole Drake.

  3. Scorpion was decent. Could’ve trimmed some songs off Side B and mixed it with Side A as one album, could’ve had a better result. But Drake is dominating with the streams and sales, can’t take that away from him..

  4. We all knew this was going happen, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, Part Deux. its been said many times many ways, if you come for the king, best not miss. Indeed the old adage is true, he has indeed become more powerful, than pusha t could possibly imagine. (Disrespecting Whitney Houston, was a sword to the heart.)

  5. My my my music has become a numbers game now…who cares if you have a good album or not because the people who are judging weather you have a good album has no clue what music is about …just whos popular at the time …besides in a year or two we are going to find out that these big record companies are patting stream thru a super cpu thats running the album all day ..

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