Drake Starts a Kindness Challenge after God’s Plan Video

“The budget for this video was $996,631.90,” reads an opening message at the start of the video. “We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.” The video, directed by Karena Evans and produced by Director X, also features a cameo from the Steelers’ Antonio Brown. Watch it in full up top.

The “God’s Plan” visual documents multiple recent acts of charity from the 6 God, including a $10,000 shopping spree he and Brown put together for a Miami woman. “I always just saw him on the TV. So I said, ‘Drake!'” Odelie Paret told the Miami Herald earlier this week. “It made me happy. … I thank him so much.”

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49 thoughts on “Drake Starts a Kindness Challenge after God’s Plan Video

  1. Actually, Jahseh started it. Aubrey just called it some other shit. I give J credit for inspiring Aubrey. This just goes to show that Drake can't be Drake without biting on other people's shit. This is why I don't listen to Drake. I can't respect a so called grown ass man that steals from 19 year olds. Aubrey, you need to start doing something for yourself, you looking stupid.

  2. xxxtentacion about to post a story on his Insta and complain how drake stole this… and the reason why complex is "hating" on X because they know this would get some attention

  3. Well since he recorded the "kindness acts" he wanted some type of publicity on it, it's okay he still gave back to the people who's feeding him, you can't put a number on what he gave back the point is that he gave back #kindness

  4. But when XXXTentacion did this originally they had nothing to say COMPLEX y'all really need to stop with the bull crap y'all that boy x started that first but y'all wanna sit here and act like this boy is just the worse person in the world y'all gotta cut the bull y'all dont understand what that boy went threw his whole life. He been neglected his whole like and passed to person to person to person. COMPLEX put y'all selves in x shoes and then see who going be talking and I aint saying this to take nobody side but fr y'all gotta stop. STOP PUTTING UP ALL THIS NEGATIVE STUFF UP HERE ABOUT X OR CUT THE CHANNEL DONT NOBODY IN THIS WORLD WANNA BE SURRENDED BY ALL THIS NEGATIVE. WE GOTTA ENOUGH ALREADY AND WE DONT NEED NO MORE AND IF YOU GOTTA A PROBLEM WITH THIS I HONESTLY DONT CARE SERIOUSLY. STOP PUTTING ALL THIS NEGATIVEY AROUND X NAME. AND IF YOU AINT EVER GOING TO HAVE THE BALLS TO SAY SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THIS BOY KEEP HIM OFF YOUR NEGATIVE VIDEOS FILLED CHANNEL. AND IF YOU CANT DONT TALK ABOUT HIM WE HAVE OTHER PEOPLE WHO CAN TALK ABOUT HIM IN A POSITIVE WAY AND PUT SOME POSITIVITY AROUND HIS NAME. AND DONT FORGET HE HAS FANS OR SHOULD I SAY A CULT IN HIS WORDS THAT WONT COME TO THIS STINKY NEGATIVE CHANNEL. AND DONT FORGET COMPLEX<XXXTentacion y'all aint NOTHING compared to him. TRY HELPING THE WORLD AND STOP TRYING TO GO AGAINST IT. IM OUT.

  5. You guys didn’t promote X’s helping hand challenge smh it doesn’t matter the artist if someone’s doing good for the community you DO A REPORT on them. Stop discriminating.

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