Eagles’ Trump Protest; Gilbert Arenas Fixes LeBron’s Cavs | Out of Bounds

Even before Nick Foles and the Eagles upset Tom Brady and the Patriots, several Philadelphia players said they would decline an invite to President Donald Trump’s White House if they won. Outspoken safety Malcolm Jenkins has now joined teammates Chris Long and Torrey Smith in saying he would not attend. The #OutofBounds crew weighs in on champions refusing to visit Trump’s White House, and Gilbert Arenas has an unexpected and thought-provoking take on the highly politicized issue. Next, the guys discuss the Super Bowl’s relatively low ratings, and what they indicate about interest in the NFL, before tackling Vegas odds that make the Patriots — with 40-plus-year-old QB Brady — favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl. Finally, with LeBron’s Cavs struggling mightily and appearing to unravel, Gil gives advice on how to fix things in OOB’s newest segment, “The Pull-Up.” Gil being Gil, his assessment of Cleveland is far from your standard sports talk show take.

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35 thoughts on “Eagles’ Trump Protest; Gilbert Arenas Fixes LeBron’s Cavs | Out of Bounds

  1. and this right here is the perfect example of the difference between The new Everyday struggle vs. the old one, and this "sports" show. Star doesnt allow u to keep beating a dead horse. This first topic went on 2 mins longer than it needed to, and so would joe budden

  2. Why is Pierce’s Hair ALWAYS messed up?!? It looks like he just woke up and forgot to brush it and he missed two haircuts so he just lined up the sides himself. The hairline is sooo uneven… I don’t understand. Every episode is like that!

  3. All I know is most of the time under Obama, I was unemployed, but he care about me so its alright. 3 months after Trump gets elected I get a job but y'all think he's a dick and you don't like what he says? Fuck y'all!

  4. To the guy on the right, what do you mean the Cavs don't have talent? What is this guy smoking? Wade, Lebron, Smith, Rose, Green, Love. What is this guy on? They lack motivation and they are older.

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