7 thoughts on “Eagles vs Saints: What do you have more faith in: Foles Magic or Superdome Voodoo?

  1. Since the saints got there ASS BEAT DOWN by carolina in the last game of the season i think that will carry over and i like the eagles in this game. almost 3 weeks of rest = rust

  2. I'm not sure how this is gonna turn out. But I don't think the Saints are gonna win this. And it has nothing to do with no Foles magic or any of that. These two teams aren't the same and from looking at the tape since it almost looks like these two teams switched in the way they were playing…. I see mad holes in the Saints offense and defense…. Time will tell.

  3. can you believe eagles fan 2 games until we back where we all like f tom Brady. Nick and co please pretty please give it your all because family is football and football is family.

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