Eastside Jody – “Da Streets” feat. Young Scooter (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Da Streets” by Eastside Jody (ft. Young Scooter).
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Jody pulls up on Young Scooter in their new music video “Da Streets”.

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42 thoughts on “Eastside Jody – “Da Streets” feat. Young Scooter (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

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    I know niggas want me lacking wanna make me a pack
    I got homies in the joint and they call me collect
    You a goofy ass nigga and yo son is a Max
    If You come to get a O we got some in the back
    Got me running from that head she a freak thot
    Got a rollee on my wrist not a G shock
    Everybody know I roll with a G lock
    So don't be playing cause I'll point it at yo tree top
    Been getting money since school I'm boss nigga
    I can't seem to find the time guess I'm lost nigga
    I buy my codeine from the doctor at the hospital
    So why thinking you the man when you not nigga
    Take ya time with yo hustle you got plenty to do
    You see everybody shining brightly t your timing is soon
    I been working on myself I been trying to improve
    And her panties in the way I'm just trying to get through
    Every summer it's a come up and it look like this
    Say y'all slide when on "live" you get booked like this
    I don't know them other guys they ain't built like this
    Yeah I'm humble to the core but I still pop shit

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