15 thoughts on “Ebro theory on Tekashi being informant? Kevin Gates takes Speaker Knockerz? Kanye fails us again

  1. I remember when i heard about him. i wanted to see what the fuss was about. I watched a few videos. But one stood out. the one with the bags of bud on the car with 12 in the video as well. I thought that was weird. the fact that he didnt have on red and all of the other dudes did. I knew from the start what Shotty was doing. I heard him say, now they have to hear us. they cant stop us now.

  2. Jordan tower said I’m not doin no crime because I can’t do the time, but you can sit there and report in that type of lifestyle like you know what’s goin on. You have no part of it so you should stay the fook out of it

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