Elon Musk Calls Thailand Cave Rescuer a Pedophile After Insulting His Submarine

On top of pissing people off by donating to a Republican PAC, Elon Musk has also managed to offend a caver involved in rescuing the Thai soccer team he sent a team to help save.

The 12 boys and their coach were trapped for over two weeks in the cave before the Thai Navy SEALs and a group of divers rescued them. Musk first made an attempt to help them himself, though, by sending SpaceX and Boring Company engineers. The team built a mini submarine dubbed “Wild Boar” (after the name of the team), which they believed could transport the boys to safety. However, it seems their efforts were not appreciated.

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34 thoughts on “Elon Musk Calls Thailand Cave Rescuer a Pedophile After Insulting His Submarine

  1. I’d love nothing more than to break this cunts jaw for his pedo comment. Typical fuckhead using this disaster as a P.R stunt to make more money. Wanker!!! In saying that. Thank god for the real American heroes and others that saved those boys…

  2. Hey listen right shouting at a guy who tried to help is gonna get you a reaction. Maybe his idea wasn't a good one but at least he tried something geez. He obviously forgot that he wasn't posting on 4chan haha.

  3. Elon the colon boo hoo your sub did not work and you act like a little bitch girl you do not say things like that untill you have proof and then you hand it over the police . Elon musk has gone down in my mind i think he is a front for the INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST BANKERS THE ROTHSCHILDS just like Georges Soros , Barbara Spector and IsraAID .

  4. I can understand why Elon had the reaction that he did and called him a pedophile. The man was very abusive and made a lewd, sexual comment to Elon – in fact a verbal pedo attack on Elon. So Elon's response, although not a sensible thing to say as it has gained him disrespect, was a natural consequence if he was triggered by the man's comments. This is the nature of trauma and activation. We don't plan these things – they happen because we have been injured.

  5. I'm not surprise. Most Western Pedos like to come and stay longer at these Countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bali etc.) and pretending to be a "Good Christians" or "Rescuers" or even Holiday Makers and yet they prey on young Children. There are already some Documentaries done by Individual Westerners secretly to expose these Western Pedos in Asia to the World. Some Pedos acts alone and some have their own "Pedo Rings" especially those Pedos from US, UK, AUS… hmm where else…

  6. Why did that old guy say it was a PR stunt, Elon and his geniuses made that tiny sub on the fly! Yeah a PR stunt because all of us are going to go out and buy a mini sub for our kids to so we can pull them through caves!

  7. I'm just amazed how uncalled for that was! Just out of the blue! If I wanted to insult a guy, I'd call him… I don't know… a coward, an asshole. A FAG maybe! Those have all been used for decades. But a "pedo guy"? You need to have that loaded in your head. You have to have your mind focused on Thai boys and sex. In conclusion, anyone who drives a Tesla is a pedophile. Let's call is it a pedomobile from now on.

  8. Elon Musk knew he wasn't going to actually help the Thai kids, he did this all as a PUBLICITY STUNT. Tesla is going bankrupt and despite all the hype Elon still lives on PayPal money and until now hasn't done anything. He's so insecure and actual intelligent people know he hasn't done anything really practical or meaningful to this day and now he's insulting an ACTUAL HERO. Elon should get sued for defamation, this type of lying bs can ruin a Man's life.

  9. What a complete Bstard! An aluminium coffin that wouldn't work and would have frightened the life out of someone using it! The youngsters had to be slightly sedated as it was, to get them out! Five or six hours in a canister, yeah that wouldn't be terrifying at all! I hope Mr Musk gets trapped and well, never gets found! Can't take a bit of criticism, so insults the rescuers with twenty years experience! What a total arse hole!

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