Elon Musk Confused a ‘Sex Party’ for a Corporate Party

It’s hard to know what Silicon Valley is doing at any given moment. At one point, they wanted to reinvent the bodega, an institution that needs no reinventing at this time. Then they tried to sell dirty water, and now, apparently, their corporate parties are bonkers enough that Elon Musk confused a sex party for a business party. Yes, that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, the man who is literally shooting rockets into the sky and dreaming big about the transportation industry and space travel.

Journalist Emily Chang is has written a new book titled Brotopia, which aims to expose Silicon Valley for its “orgiastic” wild side; according to her account, the source of so much wealth in this country is also a bacchanalian pleasure fest full of drugs, sex, and money. An excerpt from Chang’s book published in Vanity Fair—which described a party “on the edge of the earth” but did not name names—led entrepreneur Paul Biggar to write about it on his blog. Biggar claims he was in attendance, and it was “way, way worse than it sounds.” What’s more, Biggar claims Elon Musk attended the party and allegedly saw Musk on the dance floor.

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39 thoughts on “Elon Musk Confused a ‘Sex Party’ for a Corporate Party

  1. I hope so for his own good, sex parties have naaaaaasty whores with fishy vaginas… they’ve been passed around for so many years. Elon’d be gross if he did know, eeew hiv anybody? Ever heard of it, lots of porn chicks/guys caught it from sex fests.

  2. Not serious business, but like an after hour meeting, which is essentially where most connections are made. This is kind of a pathetic report and just reeks of jealousy

  3. Wow you really didn't do your research. Elon is exactly the type of guy to not get the message. He's ummm Very distracted and Obsessive person who might not pickup on such underground activities.

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