Emilia Clarke Says Filming Daenerys’ Final Scenes ‘F*cked’ Her Up

For more than seven years, Emilia Clarke has taken on one of the most popular roles on TV as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s smash show Game of Thrones. While it’s still unclear whether or not the Mother of Dragons will ultimately become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms in the show’s upcoming final season, we do know that the end is near for everyone’s favorite platinum-haired queen.

In her new Vanity Fair cover story, Clarke admits she has no plans to appear in any of the Game of Thrones spin-offs that are reportedly in the works at HBO, and still doesn’t know how the final season will end.

Clarke revealed she’s already shot her final scene as Daenerys, and that it left her with some very complicated feelings about the show’s finale. “It fucked me up,” she said. “Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is.”

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37 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke Says Filming Daenerys’ Final Scenes ‘F*cked’ Her Up

  1. I think Daenerys will turn into white walker n battle against john snow and of course john wins. She will fight on the ice dragon and john with the other dragons left.

  2. I know nothing about any of the popular theories, or established book canon storylines related to her rise or fall, but I imagine if she were to fall in battle against the Night King, as she feels herself slipping away into death and presumably an undeath in service to the Night King, with her dragons by her side to guard her, and with tears in her eyes, she tells them 'dracarys' and her eyes close. The dragons will not, until they see her eyes open once again, changed to pale blue. knowing all she was before is gone, they honor the command, and the dragon queen finally succumbs to dragon fire.

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