Eminem Gives Fans the 2 Chainz Collab We Wanted

Thanks to 2 Chainz’s engineer, Nolan Presley, fans found out Tity Boi and Eminem were in the studio working on new music earlier this year. The photos that him and Chainz posted on their Instagram in June got fans speculating where this collaboration would end up.

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25 thoughts on “Eminem Gives Fans the 2 Chainz Collab We Wanted

  1. People em should've had on the album: Rihanna they have 2 good songs together already,50 cent(he and em always kill it together),Dre as s producer,lil Wayne(the songs they made together where sick),and t.i

  2. Trust me nothing is going to "please us all." Em has too varied a fan base (a few Gen X women like me who like his battle rap AND his rap ballads when they're good [he shouldn't try to please us, we're like 0.0000001% of his fanbase]; Slim Shady/horrorcore fans who want him to cut a bitch on every song; pop fans who like his emotional stuff only; etc.).  Plus there are too many people who are ready to pounce and tear down anything that ANY successful rapper does.  The second Em or Kendrick or Drake or Sean or Nicki or Cardi drops anything there will be immediate declarations of TRASH!!!! from 1/3 of hip hop fans and the usual suspects who make calling stuff Trash their calling card.  (In other words Akademiks and Budden.)

  3. It wouldn't surprise me if he dropped another album, but people have been talking down about him for years now. It just seems now something really clicked that made him show some deep passion.

  4. Cause sometimes I might get sad
    Well, I take the same advice I had
    And tell myself like I used to tell Hailie when life's a drag
    Told her to do like her dad: don't cry, get mad

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