Eminem Is Totally Chill With Losing Half His Fan Base Over Trump Criticism

Eminem has been very outspoken about his hatred for Donald Trump. He even took part in a memorable anti-Trump performance at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. During a recent interview, Em said he’s fine with losing fans over his Trump criticism since he feels he’s on the “right side” of the Trump conversation.

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22 thoughts on “Eminem Is Totally Chill With Losing Half His Fan Base Over Trump Criticism

  1. Eminem spaeks to people who may support Trump as if they were the ones hanging out with him, doing gigs with him.That wasnt your fans Em, that was you, your boys and you all should be able to spot a racist a mile away.So whats that say about who you still hang with until there is a vague assessment that they are what is speculatory at best.Thats cool though Em, im not a Trump supporter, not a republican or a democrat but you showed how commercial you are with this one.You will still be worth a fortune without my money, will still have talent as well, but you are compromised.The dude who knows Trump and lent credibility to him talking down and drawing lines that he himself crossed in a big way.Put this dude in the trunk and take him for a ride.You are the most relevant yet irrelevant rapper who ever lived.Vanilla Ice of 2020-21.R.I.Piss

  2. Yeah I don't know why they're supporting a racist / Richard nixon/freaking everything Donald Trump is and just he tells lies and I can't believe half of his fan base actually turn their backs on him but I'm an all-time fan because I'm a Democrat so

  3. Yeah I still agree he is a cool rapper but my respect has gone all the way down for him because how are you going to say fuck you to your fans who some like trump. The fans that brought him where he is now. That’s pretty fucked up in my opinion

  4. Eminem is a washed up has been who committed suicide with those who actually listened to his songs. He has given in to white guilt to appease BLM & ANTIFA. I for one refuse this white guilt bullcrap. He wants to see what BLM and ANTIFA is all about build a dam business and watch them loot it and burn it to the ground. Congrats on career suicide Eminem. I'm sure you enjoyed your 15 minutes of rant that killed your career.

  5. Em was just pandering to what he thinks black people want or expect him to do.
    Em has an old song out calling his ex black girl friend a N@&$&@ Bitch , he’s bashed gay people and jokes about domestic violence and drugs and killing his mom.
    How is this guy so much better than trump exactly

  6. Lmao He's being hypocritical as far as talking about the life of struggling Americans, when he brags about being able to burn cash in front of MGK, which was a great line. Lol

    He knows nothing of being part of the modern-day working poor. Tell Eminem to go to LA and spend time in Skid Row, then we will see how he feels about how much democrats care about their people.

    Just like most political celebrities, it's really easy to dictate, preach and virtue signal from their lofty status. He is free to say what he wants but his fans made him possible. He doesn't have to pander or anything, but he could've at least have tried to understand what Trump did for our country.

  7. Any Hollywood star with that much money and clout is already bought and paid for by the Democrats. That’s all we’re seeing here, otherwise why wouldn’t he be tearing Joe Biden apart in a freestyle there’s so much to work with as far as a diss track.

  8. The thing that hurt me was I support Eminem because he is a good rapper and he’s always gonna be the best I didn’t care about his political views or any of that because that’s his personal opinion, shit hurt when he said fuck you to all his fans who supported him their whole lives because they have different political views

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