Eminem’s Secret Service Docs For Dissing Trump Are Live

It’s a well known fact Eminem isn’t a fan of Donald Trump. In 2017, he dropped a scathing freestyle for the BET Hip Hop Awards that took heavy aim at the current POTUS. At some point after the awards ceremony, he was allegedly questioned by the Secret Service, but the agency wouldn’t confirm.

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20 thoughts on “Eminem’s Secret Service Docs For Dissing Trump Are Live

  1. Love how all the trump supporters are going apeshit saying eminem should be hung. Eminem has rapped about previous presidents and politicians from the Clintons to Bushs to Palin etc. Democrats and republicans. Trump is no exception, em just has more material to work with.

  2. so i'm expected to digest wholly the idea that tmz emailed took it upon himself/herself to email the secret service about eminem, and that act prompted them to investigate him? yeah ok and i'm bobby blue bland……..lol

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