Emma Chamberlain’s EX-BF Says She’s ‘ANNOYING’ & Hints At Breakup!

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Fans are coming to the defense of Emma Chamberlain after a video circulated of her rumored boyfriend making rude comments about her, and now he’s finally coming clean with what really went down.

What’s up guys, it’s Sinead DeVries back here on Clevver News, and if you started to become invested in the whole Emma Chamberlain/Aaron Hull dating mystery, today might just be your lucky day.

Romance rumors began spreading surrounding Emma and the TikTok star back in October, when fans quickly picked up on cues that the two could be more than just friends.

Emma posted a video called, “LEARNING HOW TO SKATEBOARD TO IMPRESS A BOY” and opened the video by saying QUOTE, “I’m uncomfortable saying this. I feel like I’m telling my parents something about my life. I like this guy, OK?”

And since Aaron is a known skateboarder, the clues were literally laid out for us.

From then, the two began spending a ton of time together, taking trips, appearing in each other’s videos and even meeting the family when they flew out to Emma’s hometown of San Francisco where she allegedly introduced him to her family.

Yeeeeeah, I’d say we’re in ‘commitment territory’ at this point.

At one point, Aaron even referred to Emma as his celeb crush in one of his videos, and when a fan asked if he’d ever date her, he replied, “Yeah.”

Ok, so I think we can all agree that they were absolutely 100% a thing, yes?

So now that we’re all on the same page, here comes the drama…

But first off, take this as a lesson that what happens on the Internet will absolutely come back to haunt you at some point or another.

That said, a video has been circulating on the Internet of Aaron talking about his previous crush on Emma just before calling her annoying…

Well this is… awkward…

On top of the video that circulated, a photo of Aaron making out with a mystery girl that definitely wasn’t Emma has also made its way to fans’ social media feeds…

Apparently fans were in the mood to dig up dirt on Aaron Hull this weekend…

Naturally the video and photo generated so much attention and negative feedback from fans in support of Emma, which caused Aaron to respond with some much-needed clarity.

He took to Twitter Sunday in a series of tweets and started out by addressing the video, saying QUOTE, “Hey you guys, I want to clear some things up. The video that everyone is posting of me talking about Emma was from around August before we were friends and was not serious in any way. There is also a photo of me kissing a girl that everyone is posting.”

In a second tweet, he brought up the photo of him kissing another girl, writing, “I did not cheat on anyone and never would. I have nothing but respect for Emma and our friendship and would never want to jeopardize it. Thank you for hearing me!”

Fans weren’t all that willing to forgive him just yet as many responded to his tweets pointing out that Emma unfollowed him on Instagram, which usually only happens for reasons including but not limited to a breakup, cutting ties, a breakup, complete indifference and… a BREAKUP.

Many others spoke out in support of Emma after being called annoying, like one user who tweeted, “Dear aaron hull, that “annoying” girl is on the cover of cosmo, sponsored by calvin klein, & invited to louis vuitton fashion shows .. while you’re making tiktoks.”

Another fan wrote, “Dear aaron hull, nobody knew who you were before emma came in the picture. so have fun trying to build your platform now!”

So whether or not Aaron was actually being truthful when he stated that the video was posted way before the two were friends, Emma has made it clear in the past that she doesn’t want the ups and downs of her dating life to be made public, hence the reason she’s been pretty tight-lipped about their alleged romance.

During an interview with W Magazine in June of last year, she revealed that she wasn’t sure she ever wanted to be in a public relationship, adding that she found other people’s relationships “boring and gross.”

But I’m curious to hear your point of view on the video and photo that recently surfaced…

Do you think fans are being too hard on Aaron considering they never seemed to make their relationship ‘official’, or did Emma unfollow him in response to the kissing photo?

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