Enough Is Enough: Millions Rally Against Gun Violence Nationwide

This past weekend, millions of people across the country rallied in an effort to end senseless gun violence. We stopped by the March For Our Lives rally in Washington D.C. to talk to those affected, and try and find a solution.

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28 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough: Millions Rally Against Gun Violence Nationwide

  1. The hard truth is that these things are just going to keep happening. America needs to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. Obviously this is impossible because America heavily relies on guns. This isn't going to stop unless there will be a ban on commercial gun sale, which is also impossible because of the constitution or some bullshit.

  2. Damn didn’t realize guns can control them selfs with no human interaction at all like damn guns have legs and they just walking around shooting ppl shit that’s amazing how they grew legs like that

  3. No no no keep are guns it not are fault that people is fuck up in the hand because that we’ll go out in do this the black market gonna go higher gun will be distribute in the America one way or another anyways I’m a Texan I’m proud of all my guns if you break into my house it will be new early if you do Texas will need to become our own country because they ain’t gonna take our guns y’all need to be ready for war and damn Aliens but I do got my machete if a mother fuck try me Shid Texas made bitch ass nigga

  4. If you're pro-guns, why do you even watch Youtube videos that you know you're going to disagree with? This comment section is plagued with negative/toxic comments from idiots who have nothing better to do but spread their irrelevant opinion. Someone asked me if i think some gun owners are too stupid to own a gun. Shit, i think some motorists are too stupid to drive an automobile. If you think that some people out there aren't competent enough to have certain privileges, then you're just being naive. Why do you think everybody and their momma has a smartphone in 2018? Because the phone is "smart" so the user doesn't have to be.

  5. If we banned all guns we will be weak if our army fails to keep us safe we lost all hope guns help keep our county safe what if russia or china take over the U.S who will help us this people in the video dont think that guns keep us safe.. there of you disagree find with me man and if people think ar-15 are to over power there wrong smg have more of a fire rate and have a bigger clip and glock have been involved in more crimes and killed more people there that all.

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