Episode 10 – Insane Custom Titanium Panigale Exhaust!!!!

The BEST sounding custom titanium Panigale exhaust I’ve ever heard hands down.

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Jason Schmuck Welder/Fabricator


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37 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Insane Custom Titanium Panigale Exhaust!!!!

  1. I’m gong to say that this exhaust is a work of art on a beautiful motorcycle. A work of art impossible to install on ne of our Ducati without the intervention of our QuebecPolice behind ! You are lucky to be able to ride freely with suce an exhaust. Although , personally , it is a little Too noisy ! The Akrapovic version would have been my choice..

  2. You can thank the amazing Eric Buell (who Harley Davidson should be begging to come back, to save them) for introducing the under carriage "blob" mufflers on modern motorcycles. One man made it an industry standard to have a big blob of shit under your bike, connected to some ugly triangular wedges stopping just under the passenger's foot. On today's bikes, we think this is ok. Just because Harley did it effectively, with the beautifully engineered 58 horsepower Buell Blast, does not make it ok as an industry standard. The implementation of muffflers on modern bikes is the single reason why I bought an older bike, and not a new one. There are only 2 or 3 motorcycles today that have a "normal" exhaust system, and even those are borderline. The Suzuki Hayabusa still has normal mufflers, thank God. So too does the Z900RS, the 650 INT twin, the Yamaha R3, the CBR 300, the Kawasaki Ninja 400, the FJR1300 (only $1 million dollars) and I think some of the Triumph twins, like the Thruxton (also $1 million dollars). It's time to outlaw the ugly "blob" exhaust systems of the last 15 years.

  3. Obnoxiously loud – seems like you are going for decibels that will impress everyone around you (whether they like it or not) rather than tone (which you find more enjoyable).
    That's just unnecessary noise pollution.

  4. Seeing those guys build a custom titanium full systems for over 3 days amazed me. I'm hundred percent sure that the quality of that exhaust is far more than expected. Look at that color, damn! The sound? Super awesomee👏🏼. Really fits ya gorgeous white Panigale.🙌🏼

  5. looks bad, sounds like ass for a street bike. Fabricator has talent to weld no question. Exhaust is personal in terms of what people like. Will draw attention from the cops so you will have to short shift the bike and it will hurt your ears…literally at WOT. Dumb.

  6. Sounds good have you dynode it could have lost power..which would be a disappointment regardless of the look and sound…you would be run out of most Hoods…or taken off the road by the cops…..
    In conclusion …not a practical application of a one of a kind icon….handling weight and look. are the targets
    Every thing must remain in a Dailey Driver legal mode…you would last one day in my neighborhood..
    And when are you going to marry that girl…she's waited long enough…too long…But I guess she's waiting for the right MR Johnson..6'2"…on a Hog…lol

  7. thats one of the ugliest bulkiest exhausts that somebody would fit in a bike.. looks like you got it from a diesel heater that my grandma had at the village.
    No way i would put it on , even if it was for free 🙂

  8. There's a few things I don't understand. Firstly, the end can looks awful. Homemade almost – like the sort of thing you would see on a 90s Bandit street fighter that some bloke built in a shed. It is too bulky, the drain pipe-esque bore is too wide and the shape of it doesn't blend with the fairing. Secondly, I imagine it cost a fortune to have fabricated – why not just put the money towards part-exing the 959 for an 1199 or 1299 instead? Thirdly, why spend so much on the titanium down pipes when their beauty is covered by the fairings and the weight saving is offset by the muscle mass of the gym head riding it? Fourthly, why do all American guys seem to ride sports bikes with their back straight, elbows locked and knees splayed out? Apart from that body position not being conducive to fast riding, it looks extremely uncomfortable.

  9. Not only does it sound "throaty", but is a work of art how it balances & compliments the stock exposed part. If Da Vinci were alive today, he would say " bravissimo, stupendo." Believe me when I say that. I saw a Ducati mod. to the whole bike that won a comp, where the Ducati factory chose the winner. They were mainly interested in the Exhaust. Imo. your's looks better & more compact. Send pics to Ducati factory or headquarters in Italy.

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