Everybody Please Relax About the New Joker Movie

The Joaquin Phoenix Joker is finally here following weeks of hand-wringing from critics, pundits, and those members of the press lucky enough to have seen early screenings of the new Todd Phillips directed Warner Brothers film.

But the shadow that has loomed largest over Joker, after it took home best film at the Venice Film Festival, were the endless thinkpieces decrying the film as some sort of tacit endorsement and violence of alienated loners. Putting aside that the film does a better job dissecting these pathologies, and works in pretty damning critiques of late-stage capitalism, society’s obsession with fame, and income inequality, Joker was labeled as a dangerous corollary to the recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas earlier this year.

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44 thoughts on “Everybody Please Relax About the New Joker Movie

  1. watched "Joker" last night……how to put that film into words……Why does it strike such a nerve?

    Its because it came off as real, not a Hollywood fake, we know its fake, type of film. This came off as what could and maybe has happened. It hits home in those dark uncomfortable places a lot of people think about, but would never act on. We are used to fluff and happy endings, CGI unrealistic fighting with the good guys winning….

    Mental illness is rarely so deeply looked into…to the point where one has to feel for his character regardless of how brutal he becomes….It nearly justifies his actions for being a psychotic killer and we aren't used to that….it doesn't follow the usual norms and checks of society….

    His character acted on it and we feel so uncomfortable for a film to pull out what a lot of people are secretly thinking….yeah " You get what you Fucking deserve!" hits that rusted awkward nail. that's my take on it. Its genius in an original way….

  2. VERY overrated. It's a good movie BUT…as a Batman fan IT SUCKS and makes no sense when you think about it for 3 minutes.
    Finger-print technology has been around since 1890s. How did the police not fingerprint the evidence he left behind after the train shooting? It took them 3-4 weeks to realize it was him when they had witnesses and fingerprint evidence left at the scene?

  3. Honestly the biggest difference between the the joker movie and a John Wick movie is in a weird way at the end it kind of glorified mental illness and going into complete chaos. I didn’t feel Joaquin embodied joker as a the fictional character in the comics. Lacking mischief and a conniving demeanor.

  4. I can't believe the so-called "left" or "liberals" (lol, they don't deserve the name), really think societal self-reflection is now … "endorsement"
    I say this as a canadian: the american "left" can get bent.
    Also, tell your shitty new media pundits and washed up left-wing talk show hosts to stop meddling in our elections pls n thnx (doesn't this sound familiar… 🤔)

  5. Sooooo The Joker could be a call to action but how many Purge movies have we be subjected to? I would argue that movies like The Purge, Punisher, Terminator, etc were more gun centric than this movie could ever be. America is so fucking ridiculous.

  6. What "right wing" groups are on the rise and threatening people? Why would you add that about thre NRA? They haven't committed any mass shootings ever. If you ask me, all the people rioting and wearing clown masks looks exactly like antifa! You woke nerds are the reason comedies aren't funny anymore. Always demanding apologies for your recreational outrage. You literally ruin everything why would a fictional movie about the joker be any different.

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