Everything We Know About Tyler, The Creator’s New Album

Tyler’s latest body of work, Call Me If You Get Lost, is primed to drop this coming Friday, June 25th. Across billboards, voicemails, skits, merchandise and music videos Tyler is slowly reeling us into the next chapter of his creative odyssey. Here’s everything we know about the impending album.

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42 thoughts on “Everything We Know About Tyler, The Creator’s New Album

  1. Dudes a devil worshipper no matter what his melody is still trash that’s why he’s getting all y’all that are lost to deceive u more lol

  2. please stop trying to sound more intelligent by adding in larger words while playing trap music and also using new age words. it sounds SO fucking forced. Either go one way or the other, and if I were you guys I'd go with the unprofessional style because you're talking about rappers, some of the most unprofessional professionals out there. Just shut up complex please.

  3. Tyler has again put a story throughout his album, if you compare all the skits and the cover, tyler is travelling, he is going somewhere, dont know what, but he is in a journey where he is carrying this phrase "call me if you get lost" as if he is looking for someone. In all his skits, there is evidence that he is travelling, Brown Sugar Salmon features him going on a train, in sidewalk, he leaves the girl as if hes in a rush, and when the bf asks about who he was, she just said nobody because he is nobody, just a passenger. We all focus on the content of the skits, but not the circonstance that is happening behind it

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