Everything We Learned From Kanye’s Interview With Charlamagne

In the past two weeks Kanye West turned Twitter upside down by doing stuff like announcing an onslaught of new albums, calling Donald Trump his brother, teasing new Yeezy season products, donning a signed MAGA hat, and sharing a photo of the man who performed plastic surgery on his mother before her death. Now in a newly released interview, Kanye sat down with Charlamagne tha God for an hour and 45 minutes to discuss anything and everything on his mind.

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45 thoughts on “Everything We Learned From Kanye’s Interview With Charlamagne

  1. how can you make a 6 minute video of everything you learned from a 2 hours interview. Soon, Complex and all its agenda pushing, yellow journalism will lose its influence in pop culture.

  2. You’re a loser if you were concerned with Kanye’s political view or if you would his politicals views affect whether or not you listen to his music. He’s an artist, not a politician nor has a major in Law. He may be a musical genius but he’s no intellectual. Stop putting these celebrities in these pedestals. He’s his own person and so are you. Get a damn life and stop letting others influence how you live your life. I am a fan of Kanye West’s artistry, not a fan of Kanye West the person.

  3. Y’all sit around and wait for Frazier to cover something just to jump on the comments and tell him you hate him. Y’all are messed up in the head and sad and tired.

  4. Here's what you don't see. Kanye got everybody attention once again and will continue to use the momentum. People are just slow for not seeing what's actually happening here.

  5. It's kind of like he dropped two singles yesterday. One is an uplifting banger with the perfect tempo and all the right vibes and lines. The other is a misguided diss track about a beloved rapper that probably didn't deserve it. A tale of two Kanyes

  6. I no longer listen to this man's music so I'm definitely not about to support any of his world views because in my eyes this guy's problems seem self inflicted. Take the time to morn your mom's passing and grow…learn something instead of assuming you're a genius and you know everything about everything then maybe come back to music and the limelight. Until then….

  7. Well i learned from his recent statements that I should not allow media (like complex) to control my opinions and way of thinking. That sounds like mental slavery imo

  8. So he definitely confirmed the whole Trump thing is about him being butthurt because Barack Obama called him out for being a spoiled jackass and of course his ego is so fucking epic he thinks he deserved a special apology from the President. A baby yelling for attention again.

  9. Before typing or talking how bout you go watch then interview yourself and form your own opinion instead getting bits and pieces or hearing about parts out of context….it's funny how people always jump to conclusions then have to backtrack

  10. Ok so they shot a beautiful interview, indoors and on a magical landscape. They talked about a lot of deep stuff and all you have to fill the tumbnail is the Trump picture ???

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