Ex-Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams Fatally Jumps from NYC Hotel With 7-Year-Old Son

A former Playboy playmate, along with her 7-year-old son, tragically jumped to their deaths from a hotel early Friday morning, New York Post reports. Stephanie Adams, 47, checked in to the Gotham hotel in Manhattan on Thursday night with her son Vincent and headed to a 25th floor penthouse suite, according to NYPD Chief of Manhattan Detectives William Aubrey.

Sources told the NY Post the former model jumped from the suite window while holding her son at around 8:15 a.m. Their bodies were discovered later on a second-floor landing in the courtyard of the hotel. “Early this morning investigators located an individual whose attention was drawn to that same second-floor area when he heard two loud noises,” Aubrey said. “His attention was drawn to that and he discovered these two deceased individuals.”
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37 thoughts on “Ex-Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams Fatally Jumps from NYC Hotel With 7-Year-Old Son

  1. Maybe they were pushed out the window or the husband could have had a gun pointed at them, ( or paid someone to point a gun at them) demanding they jump.


  2. She pushed her son first, she killed him so his father couldn't have him, and to hurt him. Then she jumped herself once she knew she was in trouble.

  3. Lesbian centerfold but she got married to a man and had a son?

    Whether she wasn't really lesbian or she was and tried to finesse the guy for child support some of these women will do anything for a payday.

  4. What a horrible tragedy that absolutely didn't have to happen. She destroyed her child to hurt a man she no longer wanted and didn't want her. How foolish and ridiculous is that?

  5. What a monotone way to talk about a child and his mother’s fatal and tragic death! Terrible lack of empathy and sympathy for th deceased and Their families! Extremely distasteful! Won’t ever watch your vids again! I’ll find another to post publicly to my nonprofit site for Suicide prevention!

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