Fab 5 Freddy on Getting NYC Cannabis Legend “Branson” in His Netflix Doc (Part 1)

Part 2: https://youtu.be/MCtqoFYBym0
Fab 5 Freddy spoke to VladTV about his new Netflix documentary, Grass is Greener, and he shared stories about Jazz greats hanging out at his house when he was a kid. While Freddy’s dad was friends with Miles Davis, he didn’t personally meet him until the 1980s, when he approached the Jazz legend at one of his art shows in New York.

Elsewhere in this clip, Fab 5 Freddy talked about what he learned about the cannabis industry and culture from states like California and Colorado which have already made the plant recreational. He admitted his frustration with New York stating that they’re behind on this matter but his documentary is being used as part of the case to push cannabis reform in the state. Later on, Fab 5 Freddy spoke about his relationship with NYC cannabis legend “Branson” and how they’re collaborating on branding legal cannabis products in his name.


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