Fabolous Allegedly Punched His Girlfriend 7 Times and Made Threats to Her Family

Fabolous turned himself in to the authorities on Wednesday night, after allegedly hitting Love & Hip Hop star and girlfriend Emily Bustamante.

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48 thoughts on “Fabolous Allegedly Punched His Girlfriend 7 Times and Made Threats to Her Family

  1. This is so sad she lost two teeth and hit her not once but 7 times he threatened her family and yet he is aired on love and hip hop and yet chris brown can’t even be around rihanna hummm

  2. Never never …should you go to another man’s house and take/look for his guns. If she’s that scared, she should have removed herself from the situation altogether. Him coming home to his guns missing would only instigate the situation.

  3. What do women expect most of those guys grew up without displine something money can’t give you. This women think because the are very pretty the man will always bow down to them I don’t think so girl it don’t work tht way. There are a million models tht are the same or even prettier then this women. Pretty doesn’t equal respect. Respect is respect.

  4. Domestic Violence is against the law – this is one of the reasons why people fighting for sensible gun control. I hope that both the victim & abuser (children too) get counseling & restraining order.
    Natl Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE or 7233

  5. Fab. All these years in the game gotta be more mature than this. You cant destroy yourself taking doesnt make sense. If she was cheating let her go people grow apart. Cant take a life.

  6. Fab going to be spending some time in the the penitentiary getting his cheeks slapped, dumb ass nigga… let your emotions get the best of you now all the good you may have done will forever be overshadowed by this… Fab the woman beater, fuck it I'm just going to give you Donkey of the Day before Charlemagne can..

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