Fabolous Allegedly Threatens to Shoot Emily B.’s Father in Newly Surfaced Video

TMZ has obtained footage of a verbal altercation involving Fabolous, girlfriend Emily Bustamente, and her father in the driveway of their Englewood, N.J. home. In the video, Fab appears to be brandishing a sharp object while being held back by his security guard, who is trying to usher him into a nearby vehicle. Emily B. tries to record the rapper in the middle of his tirade, which enrages him as he demands that she not take video of him.

The tense back-and-forth between Fabolous and her father is punctuated by a point where he can be heard saying, “That’s my motherfucking daughter.” TMZ claims that Fab tells her father that he’s got “a bullet with your name on it,” while a child can be heard crying in the background.

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49 thoughts on “Fabolous Allegedly Threatens to Shoot Emily B.’s Father in Newly Surfaced Video

  1. Ain't nobody asking why?…Fab is not the type to wake up and be like…I think I'm a kill my bitch today…plus it has to be something deep for him to throw his legacy away….this is not a a lituation….

  2. You guys are so slow let me break it down fab could gibe two fucks about Emily to a certain point I guarantee after the beating and la trip he told her I'm done the threats to her phone through texts were only after fab knew about the missing money and she then get scared why? Cause she knows fab and real fans know one word and them dad and brother come up missing she then made rule #1violation made that man go to fab house and touch his guns guns he know nothing about and she know better cause she been with him 10+ yrs niggas who know fab ….and fans since 99 know fab and his ppls aint no god DAMN choir boys … ppl stop it….she know this too don't tell me she scared of no damn guns when we know who the nigga affiliated with and her daddy past shit was VIOLATIon that's what he mad about them guns can have all kind of history who knows then its whole another pandora box I'm telling ya he is mad about that by the way she got beat on march 7th this video is before the 29 <<<fab turn himself in so she waited until after he left this scene …to file the police report why? Cause she know its the only way to guarantee them not be touched ………and news is till now fab cannot find the guns allegedly …ya wild this is more than a woman beater they physically fight with each other all the timd but this time whatever beef he got with the daddy after she was in L.A. he went ode on her …..its a reason he has a knife oh and btw the brother the one filming caise those fab are both fab bodyguards so where the brother ….its a family issue ….. Allegedly allegedly IMO s/n now 7times and missing tooth sound like close range so maybe it was semi beating held down to tell about the missing 300k and neighbors seeing ppl going in out fab crib allegedly (paper work say) when he wasnt there if that happen u lost me fab idk idk 7times smh

  3. AS A MAN …..WE MUST ALL JUS WALK AWAY,….sad to see what has happened to FAB…,but clearly the relationship is over with the mother of his children….,& she is clearly living well off of his expertise in writing rhymes…Let it go FAB……, REAL MEN MOVE ON & WISH THEIR EX WELL!!

  4. Meng i thought this nigga so call a player? A pimp? I mean thats what's potray in the music.. Dont fall for these hoes keeping moving… I see somebody was fronting.. Real pimps dont fall in love nor catch feelings.. Never get jealous of another woman just saying

  5. I'm not justifying his actions at all, but she clearly had to have done something really bad for him to act out like that?! Either way their relationship is clearly unhealthy and they both need to let each other go

  6. Did she hit him first? If so, she deserved what she got, period! You all lost the US president race (again), lose your minds in hitting men first, so it's a must that you lose your teeth as a result. Have a nice day bitches (bitch includes the simps wearing superman capes to defend women getting away with hitting men). Peace.

  7. He must have had GOOD REASON to act that agressive. Ppl dont get that angry for minor stuff. His wife probably threatened to take his kids away or she fucked one of his friends, or passed herpes on to him. Who knows.

  8. In the eyes of this PC, effeminate, woe is me, triggered society today… Women are always innocent before being proven liars. They’re alway seen as the innocent party? Why is that? Do we have that many Simps living in the world?

  9. He basically just killed his career. He trippin. Sad part is, you dumb Niccaz taking fab side. Regardless of what she did, you don't put your hands on your wife

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