Facebook’s New ‘Watch Party’ Let’s You Watch Videos With Friends

Facebook Live is introducing a new feature called Watch Party that allows all your pals in a Facebook group to stream clips together—from dog videos to Jada Pinkett Smith’s new show—and interact while they’re doing it.

Sure, it’s nice to hang out with people IRL, but this feature is presumably good for faraway friends or those days when you don’t want to leave the house. According to CNN, anyone in a Facebook group can launch a Watch Party and become a host, with the ability to designate co-hosts. Hosts can control the playlist of videos and the playback. Meanwhile, anyone in the group can give suggestions for videos, ask questions, and leave comments or reactions. Whenever someone is starting a party, Facebook alerts all the members in the group.

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44 thoughts on “Facebook’s New ‘Watch Party’ Let’s You Watch Videos With Friends

  1. Yo Natasha , A Little Too Heavy On The Make-Up , U Look Good As Usual . Keep It Light ; You’re Dimming Your Natural Glow And You’re Layering Too Much . Much Love . Keep Up The Good Content !

  2. yea they keep coming up with features to monitor yo dumb ass, tf outta here face book they already got live stream like who wanna watch videos with other people making dumb comments mfers fall for anything…………

  3. This is what Netflix should have! Be able to create a lil lobby on Netflix n invite 3 of your friends who must also have Netflix to join the movie as you host it.

    Would be a good idea especially on Console

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