Faizon Love Goes Off on Dave Chappelle and Judd Apatow

Faizon Love isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even when it comes to comedic heavyweights like Judd Apatow and Dave Chappelle.

While on Sway in the Morning, Love remarked that comedians shouldn’t be afraid to say some “real shit.” “We’re here to tell you what we see,” he explained. The rest of the interview came as advertised, with Love calling Apatow a “bitch ass motherfucka” and saying that Chappelle isn’t the King of Comedy.

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44 thoughts on “Faizon Love Goes Off on Dave Chappelle and Judd Apatow

  1. I think Dave gets too much love from most fans. His show had some hilarious and iconic sketches for sure, but that's really all there is to his career outside of stand up work. I mean, I would hope the "king of comedy" would star in better movies than Half Baked lol. Plus, the whole Black Pixie thing made him look like a hypocrite. It's okay to poke fun at whites and other minorities but when you're the one being laughed at, that's when things start being socially irresponsible.

  2. Lmao Hollywood manufactured chapelle? Kevin hart is the one doing all these movies( I like k Hart that’s not a knock on him) just saying love makes no damn sense and sounds dumb as f*^k

  3. Faizon could eat both Katt Williams and Dave Chappelle and absorb all their comedy genius and he STILL wouldn't be the king of anything let alone comedy.. salty as fuck without having one decent special or a decent spot on enyones coat tails.. too heavy to carry to greatness.. and so on

  4. Judd Apatow went to media campaign stating Cosby LEGACY needs to be destroyed.  He mentioned Harvey Weinstein in an article about men abusing power in the industry.  Anytime someone speaks out against the establishment, the media just discredits them.

  5. I agree with fazon on this one when Dave Chapelle first started his fans where mostly white even in the half baked error hell look at all his old comedy stand ups like killing the softy . You see majority white fans hell killing them softy was done in San Francisco go figure .

  6. First off Judd Apatow is not going after harvey weinstein like he did and is doing to Dr Cosby like Faizon was saying 2nd Judd was on The Hollywood Reporter round table and they brought up the harvey weinstein scandal and Apatow quickly changed it to Dr Cosby without any proof just he said she said that's what Faizon is saying …….

  7. I'd be more serious about his opinion if he was actually a major factor in the comedy scene right now. He had a solid 10 years while Dave was gone to get a real come up. Faizon didn't. Dave came back and had money waiting on him. Faizon can't stand it clearly. But hey it's his opinion. All opinions aren't created equal I'm afraid.

  8. I agree about Apatow but, Chappelle was doing stand up at age 13 right? So he was always in the comedy clubs. So how isn't Chappelle an established comedian and how did Hollywood build Chappelle? Faizon, stop it. Even Katt Williams said you funny (style).

  9. Hey how’s it going, my name’s BMAR and I’m a 19 year old hip-hop artist/producer from PA. Music is my life & my main goal is to build real relationships with people and bring real music that everybody can relate to. It would mean the world to me if you checked some of my music out, if not that’s cool too. Thank you so much, I️ truly appreciate your time. Have a great rest of your day 💪🏽

  10. I don’t find Dave Chappelle that funny at stand up, great comedic actor but I don’t think he’s funnier that Kat, Bernie Mac (rip) or Martin! I would give Martin the king title personally

  11. Your opinion means nothing if you’re not on their same level. Mind your business & get your money up to half of what you think Dave or Kevin are worth.

  12. Said dave is manufactured from Hollywood and that Kevin Hart is the real comedian. Name the last Kevin Hart stand up special? Kevin is in every Hollywood movie now as the funny black guy lol. Meanwhile at least dave is doing stand up while Kevin cashes the movie checks.

  13. Love is just jealous cause most people don't know who he is and chapelle will always blow Kevin Hart out of the water mainly since he isn't afraid to push boundaries and he doesn't care if you are offended where Hart mainly focuses his comedy around being a coward and not caring about anything but himself

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