Fake Weed Potentially Spiked With Rat Poison Kills 3, Sickens Over 100

According to WSVN Miami, fake pot that was probably tainted with rat poison has caused the deaths of three people in Illinois. The fake pot also caused severe bleeding in 100+ other people, including a couple from other states that include: Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Maryland. The outbreak reportedly began in early March, and with seven new cases reported on Tuesday, the total number of those affected has now reached 116.

As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent out an alert to doctors across the country to warn them that patients experiencing unexplained (and severe) bleeding may have smoked the extremely suspect product. Symptoms appear to have a very bloody theme, as they include: coughing up blood, severe bloody noses, internal bleeding, bleeding gums, and pissing blood.

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47 thoughts on “Fake Weed Potentially Spiked With Rat Poison Kills 3, Sickens Over 100

  1. People who smoke this is stupid, uneducated/new to this stuff, or desperate for a high. Bro why. I knew a couple who smoked it, they are pretty much like crackheads on the slick and now they are homeless because they are choosing bad choices in their life like buying this shit over main priority necessities.


  2. Ok this is old for Alabama…. we had our epidemic of this we called it mojo and it's been uncool for years now to fuck with this shit after a rapper known as The Last Mr Big from Mobile Alabama died from this shit
    . If yall don't know who he is go look him up. He was on the the hook for the song Poppin My Collar by Three Six Mafia. He did a lot more but we been known about it and don't fuck with it.

  3. That shit got banned here in New Zealand in 2015.
    Since then, youngins getting the finer things in life and the death toll has increased.
    We don't fuck with rat poison tho.
    Just the tough potent powder snuggled from overseas

  4. I used to smoke weed everyday, I got laced with spice once and every other time I tried to smoke real weed again it gave me horrible panic attacks, so I ended up quitting trees all together. Be careful guys. Seriously

  5. idk why yall are talking bout weed in this shit bruh this is a video about K2 complex got it twisted TO THOSE THAT DONT KNOW PLEASE DONT SMOKE K2

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