Fans DESTROYING James Charles’ Makeup Palettes!

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You’ve definitely heard by now that there is some serious drama unfolding between beauty YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook. And if you haven’t, well hello welcome to planet earth.

What’s up guys? It’s Sinéad de Vries with Clevver News, here to report on more YouTube drama surfacing with James Charles obviously still at the center.

Over the weekend, James lost almost 3 million subscribers and counting after Tati posted her video called “BYE SISTER.”

The YouTube beauty community is not ok, this is not a drill.

And in case you don’t know what’s going on, basically James Charles is cancelled. And now his fans are even more up in flames, literally.

Before all the drama, James released a very popular and very lucrative palette in collaboration with Morphe.

And now, many of his ex-fans who bought the palette are now taking their “unfollow” a step further by destroying their palettes.

Talk about a waste of money and makeup!

So what exactly are people doing to his makeup palettes? Quite a few things to be honest.

And some of these are creative, while some are just plain destructive.

Side note, if you are just planning on destroying this expensive makeup, feel free to send it my way. I can take it off your hands.

Like this person, who literally lit the palette on fire.

They wrote quote, “What to do with your James Charles Palette thanks to Tati Westbrook.”

And not everyone wanted to totally trash the makeup. Because, well money. Some others took creative routes like covering up his name.

While this Tati fan made it very clear whose side they are on.

And my favorite goes to this person who saved their receipts, literally, and actually returned the palette to Ulta.

Alright so now I want to hear from you. Is destroying James’s palette taking things a little too far? Or are you planning on getting rid of yours now amidst all this drama?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and you can also hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @sineaddevries.

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