Fans Petition for LeBron James to Replace Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

Could LeBron James join Donald Trump’s cabinet? Crazier things have happened. Just days after POTUS insulted James’ intelligence, thousands of fans have signed a petition demanding the NBA star replace Betsy DeVos as secretary of education. The petition was drafted by Rebecca G. and has received more than 6,500 signatures as of Wednesday night.

Rebecca describes DeVos as “a scandal-ridden Republican donor who shows an inexcusable dislike for public education, wants to gut protections for women and minorities, and has advocated for teachers to be armed in schools.” While James is lauded as “an inspiration to kids all over the country. He’s shown he cares about America’s youth and understands the power of public education in helping children meet their true potential.”

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20 thoughts on “Fans Petition for LeBron James to Replace Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

  1. What in the actual fuck.. I'm honestly just dumbfounded that this can even come to u as an idea. Do u think working I government is like taking ur dick out and peeing. This is what people mean when they say shut up and dribble. LeBron u Olay basketball you are not a diplomat. Just cause ur famous doesn't mean u should have political power. I can't believe I feel the need to say that.

  2. Remember Lebron James is ONLY PAYING 3 million dollars out of the 12 million. That it going to take to run the school every year. Now guess who’s paying the rest. On top of that he’s encouraging parents to make the children dumb so they could get there child in the school “COME ON FREE SCHOOL FREE COLLEGE FREE EVERYTHING” I mean who wouldn’t cheat to save all that money to educate children. 3 million dollars is a fuking joke Lebron!

  3. What about his choice in the matter? Out of respect for LB's life decisions, I won't be signing that petition. People shouldn't be trying to undermine his career because they don't like other people he's otherwise not even associated with.

    This is stupid. If he wanted to be a politician, he'd be a politician. He's an athlete and a humanitarian. Leave him alone and stop trying to force shit on him. Elect someone who's actually trying to get the seat.

  4. The education system is fucked. I’m open minded, LeBron would probably do a great job 🤷🏽‍♂️ everyone we’ve had before hasn’t helped shit. I’d love to see a relatable person who actually cares be the head of that office for once.

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