Favorite Rap Album of 2018 So Far, Jay Rock’s ‘Redemption,’ Does J. Cole Have A Classic?

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Wayno, and Nadeska run through the day’s hip-hop news, including Rich the Kid’s new “Plug Walk” remix f/ 2 Chainz, YG, and Gucci Mane, a new YBNCordae freestyle, and more. The show kicks off with Ak giving an update on the XXXTentacion case and news that police have arrested someone in connection to the murder. Later, the crew moved on to J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ album and with this week being the 5-year anniversary, decided to debate its place in Cole’s catalog and if he has any classic albums overall. To wrap, the crew answered some fan questions on best rap albums of the year so far, Jay Z subs, favorite Prodigy songs, and more.

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34 thoughts on “Favorite Rap Album of 2018 So Far, Jay Rock’s ‘Redemption,’ Does J. Cole Have A Classic?

  1. Forest Hills Drive pushed the culture I know niggas who dislike Cole and bump FHD. Everyone was bumping that shit. 20 years from now when people think of this age of hip hop Forest Hills Drive will be remembered as a classic

  2. To a real Cole fan, Sideline Story III is his best album and a classic, with forrest hills drive coming in a close second and it being an almost classic. Mix tapes is anoher story, Cole has more classic mixtapes than anyone other than Wayne. D

  3. Cole isn't as appreciated as he should be because in the middle of his career he found the true meaning of life… Start a family, love your wife, raise your kid and spread a good message to the youth. Because he doesn't cater to the populous he's considered an outcast but for a guy with all the boxes checked that won't matter at all.

  4. Rest in Peace Prodigy. “Apostle’s Warning” is by far the best Prodigy verse. He SSSSNAPPED. Best Mobb Deep song? Probably “Still Shinin”… whoever made that beat had an extra infinite stone in the NPC.

  5. Holy sht. Cyhi album already been out half a year. I keep wanting to put it in 2018. Guess it was an AOTY candidate for last year. Crazy. Too many good albums in 2018.. ain’t no clear best so far. Gotta see what still remains playable all the way through, at years end.

  6. I just feel like everyone is too nice on Everyday Struggle now man bc there's no conflicting points anymore man everybody just agrees and move on shit is boring lol. And nobody calls any of these trash rappers out anymore because everyone on here literally have the exact same opinion on everything.

  7. I fuck with AK and I Fuck with Wayno the personalities are to similar, they both don’t believe sideline story is a good album this is why cole continuously raps about his music going over peoples head. Cole world born sinner forest hill drive kod all 8/10 albums

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