FIRE: Why California and the Amazon Rainforest are Burning | Complex World

From California to the Amazon, the planet is burning. Drought, arson, utility sparks and deforestation have all contributed to the increase in wildfires around the globe, but one thing is certain: climate change is perpetuating the problem. We traveled to Ventura, CA, to speak with firefighters who personally battle wildfires, and visited the site of a home that was completely destroyed by the Woolsey fire. We also sat down with a fire ecologist to understand how these natural disasters can impact the future of our planet.

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15 thoughts on “FIRE: Why California and the Amazon Rainforest are Burning | Complex World

  1. For the real explanation 👇

    CA is burning because of PG&E and drought (PG&E burnt down my town of paradise, the worst 🔥 in CA!)

    The Amazon is burning because they have a racist president in Brazil and he lets ranchers burn the rainforest down so they can develop. The natives are also getting killed by the rancheros and illegal loggers. the president took away FUNI’s power to stop the them and gave the power to the department of agriculture, the same people who want to develop the rainforest. It’s horrible and extremely sad 😔

    America wants to be the worlds police but doesn’t do anything for the amazon rainforest because of who both presidents are at this time!

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