41 thoughts on “Firefighter Motivation – Radioactive

  1. love from germany!!! but I have a question: why are walking on the roof for rooftop ventilation? In germany we ar doing rooftop ventilation from our ladders without going on the roof. Seems like a lot of your firefighters are dying because of that. stay safe brohers and sisters!

  2. I'm a volunteer firefighter and I love this video Thanks for y'all's support cause we don't get much thanks but get yell at alot that we let there homes burn or we didn't do more for there family member….

  3. Putting their life on the line like that. I applaud you all so much, and commend you.

    I may fear some FD, EMS, PD, or emergency personnel due to PTS memories, but that is never ever going stop me from supporting all these people do. I will always appreciate what they do.

    Every time a police or emergency vehicle goes by, I pray that the Police, EMS, and FF's will all return home safely, to their family or pet, and to rise for their next shift to help those in need again.

    And in the cases when they are unable to, it's heartbreaking. Absolutely it is. I'd like to say a special thank you to those who served, or were LODD. For those to fly high, and to be assured that your brothers and sisters are thinking of you, and will take it from here on out.

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