13 thoughts on “Firefighter Tribute 5- If I Die Tomorrow.

  1. Voleenteer and paid do the same job and are well trained. I am a Voleenteer and have been for some years. I know the feeling of being pulled out of a bldg collapse. my brothers and sisters came for me. we never know what may happen on any call. May God watch over all first responders so they may go home safe.

  2. I'm not a firefighter, I am former EMS with 6 years experience. That said a I have read that a firefighter is more likely to die on the job than a law enforcement officer. You guys and gals have my respect. Stay safe, and make it home and the end of your shift.

  3. Awesome video. Me being a firefighter myself agree with what mike said. I have 13 years of experience on the job. Don't judge unless you've been through it yourself.

  4. I wanna see both of you have the guts to go into a burning building for someone els to be saved and you dont think firefighters die on the job 343 died on 9/11 9 more died in arizona on a structure fire i also know many more so why dont you shut the hell up bc neither one of you would ever go into a burning building on your own will

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