Former Cavs GM Explains Why Kyrie-LeBron Relationship Didn’t Work

If you love the NBA like I love the NBA, you were thrilled when you saw former Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin made an appearance on Bill Simmons’ podcast. Simmons is a solid interviewer and basketball savant, and Griffin is one of the most engaging and forthcoming executives in hoops—he’s a consistently a great guest when he makes media appearances.

This one was no exception. The podcast features discussion about Griffin’s time in Cleveland, the current playoff matchups, LeBron James’ brilliance and interpersonal abilities, the future of the league, and more. Listen to the full episode below.

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37 thoughts on “Former Cavs GM Explains Why Kyrie-LeBron Relationship Didn’t Work

  1. Lebron Fasho goin to LA cuz the Celtics have arrived, Cavs/Warriors Trilogy is done now & Lord knows we wanna see the Lakers in the Finals with the Celtics 👌🏽

  2. Lebron wouldn’t have won shit without kyrie. Kyrie brought so much to Cleveland. All u idiots who think he didn’t just proves his point on why he left. Lebron is better no doubt but u can not forget how good he his which is what a lot of people did. I would have left too if I was in his situation

  3. Rest In Pepperoni to complex news :/ next thing you know they gone start talkin ish about how 90s cartoons werent the best tv shows in their time of all time (in their opinion)

  4. lmao lebron took a bum team in 2007 to the finals, Kyrie had time since he was drafted and until Lebron showed up they were the worst team in the nba, kyrie trippin

  5. He still wont be able to do that in boston… bcz wen gayward come back and if they get another good player along with the young guys that are already on the team, and the coach.. how far boston goes, ppl wont say its because of him tbey will always say because of the coach or the other players on the team

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