Fox News Host Roasted for Awful Take on LeBron James and Kevin Durant

Stick to sports.

In 2018, those three words should never be used during an argument involving an athlete. There are too many important things going on in this country right now for athletes to simply sit by and “stick to sports.” Guys like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and every other athlete with a voice should do everything but stick to sports when they’re asked for their opinion on a pressing political or social matter.

Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten that memo yet.

On Thursday, UNINTERRUPTED released a fascinating interview that LeBron James and Kevin Durant did with ESPN’s Cari Champion recently. During it, the two NBA stars spent more than 15 minutes talking about everything from their earliest memories of basketball to their development as NBA players. But the most interesting—and most important—part of the interview came about five minutes in when the two talked about the current state of American politics, and in particular, Donald Trump.

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37 thoughts on “Fox News Host Roasted for Awful Take on LeBron James and Kevin Durant

  1. Chris Long of the eagles said "He doesn't agree with this presidents direction and agenda and that him nor any of the Eagles will be attending the white house."
    We will Pass. Laura said nothing, because he's a white man. Fact

    Why didn't she say Chris should play football and stfu?
    I can't wait until this racist president steps down or Loses in 2020. He will not win again. facts!!!!!

  2. So Lebron can call the president a bum and that's no biggie. CNN can call for twitter to shut down the president's account and you liberals say nothing about that. It's no biggie. But if you criticize Lebron's grammar and tell him to shut up and dribble then all hell breaks loose and you're now a racist!
    I get it now.

  3. Leave the politics to the people who know it best. I am very disappointed in you guys. My children and I looked up to you athletes, well no more. You should have gotten into politics instead.

  4. I’m no fan of LeBron, but he is smart. Sure, he didn’t go to college, but what difference does it make? He would’ve been granted a full ride to any college anyways, eventually. He just took a shortcut. And not everyone that goes to college is “smart.” Just look at Kyrie.

  5. Her comment was more prejudice than anything. If she presented an argument to why trump is a great leader then that would be one thing, but she went the route of oh a jock has an opinion about politics, please just shut up and dribble. Basically know your role in our country

  6. So Lebron has every right to say what he wants but Laura doesn't have a right to say shut up? Is the news implying that Free Speech is only for Democrats? Democrats can tell Trump to shut up and do his job, but republicans can't tell Lebron to shut up and dribble. That sounds very narcissistic and authoritarian.

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