Frank Ocean Demands ‘Blonde’ Lawsuit Be Thrown Out

Frank Ocean’s Blonde, which recently re-entered the Billboard 200 chart perhaps due solely to my annual summer cry marathons, is still at the center of an increasingly contentious lawsuit.

According to a supposedly “exclusive” report from the Blast, Ocean says music producer Om’Mas Keith is full of shit when it comes to claims he co-wrote a bulk of songs on his widely regarded as classic 2016 album. Court documents now show that Ocean has demanded the suit Om’Mas filed against him be tossed out. Additionally, the report notes, Ocean disputes claims of previously having entered into any kind of deal to give Om’Mas co-writing credits.

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29 thoughts on “Frank Ocean Demands ‘Blonde’ Lawsuit Be Thrown Out

  1. The truth always comes out, I knew all this praise and Genuis talk was hype….now comes out Frank got a ghost writer…same thing happened to Lauryn Hill and ppl didnt want to believe it.

  2. Damn the guy just can’t catch a break. He went through a struggle for years trying to buy himself out of his contract with his label so he didn’t have to deal with any of the stupid money shit, and now it’s happening all over again

  3. when i found out elvis wasn’t actually making his music but instead buying it off of other, lower class artists i definitely viewed his music and him as a whole differently. i love franks music so much so hopefully this isn’t true. i’d be torn

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