Freed Meek Mill’s Effect on the Sixers; Pelicans Lowballing DeMarcus Cousins? | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew kick things off by responding to Nick Young’s story about Gil breaking his brand new expensive glasses when he was a rookie. Hibachi has no problem admitting he gave Swaggy P hell — and shares details — but sets the record straight on that incident.

Looking back at last night’s playoff action, OOB asks if the Celtics and Bucks are simply too mediocre to watch, and Gil explains how Jason Kidd’s firing affected Giannis. Plus, what effect did Meek Mill’s release from prison and presence in the arena have in the Sixers’ series-clinching win over the Miami? Also, has Heat star Dwyane Wade played his last NBA game? And with the Spurs eliminated, Agent Zero has an interesting take on what to expect from the Warriors-Pelicans semifinal series.

Next, OOB revisits Meek Mill’s release and what it says about the sports’ world’s ability to bring attention to issues, create dialogue, and affect change. Gil makes an important distinction about who really has the power to make things happen. Plus, with Meek going straight from prison to the 76ers’ playoff game, where does that put him amongst the all-time greatest Philly fans?

Looking forward to tonight’s games, the squad asks if the Raptors, who’ve struggled with inconsistency in the playoffs, will be overwhelmed by the pressure to beat the Wizards in Toronto. And is Drake’s trash talk fueling the Wiz? Back home in Cleveland, will LeBron even need help from his teammates to finally take a lead in the Cavs’ series with the Pacers? It’s likely that the Rockets will close out the Timberwolves in Houston, but will James Harden and company win it all, as Suge Knight predicted while on trial for murder? Gil might need to watch what he says about Suge…. Will the Thunder make the adjustments needed to win and avoid elimination?

Finally, in “The Pull-Up,” the team discusses a report that New Orleans may use DeMarcus Cousins’s Achilles injury and the Pelicans’ success without him to make him a reduced contract offer. Boogie may want to hire Gil as an agent, because Hibachi straight cooks the franchise for even considering lowballing the big man.

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21 thoughts on “Freed Meek Mill’s Effect on the Sixers; Pelicans Lowballing DeMarcus Cousins? | Out of Bounds

  1. Cousins should not be resigned:
    1. He doesn’t get along with teammates, has locker room issues, uncoachable, emotional wreck with technicals
    2. Coming off a fucked up achilles
    3. Can’t shoot 3’s in a shooting league
    4. Plays no defense whatsoever
    5. Doesn’t play winning basketball, pelicans had a better record without him and were on pace for the 9th seed when he was in the lineup

  2. I understand and can appreciate the need for reforms in the criminal justice system…too often poor people are under represented because they can’t afford attorneys, and those that can afford the best attorneys have the best chance at beating their case, BUT HEAR ME CLEARLY, MEEK MILL IS NOT THE PERFECT MESSENGER… HE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A STREET THUG , WHO GOES AROUND ORDERING HIS GOONS TO BEAT DOWN FANS, HIS ENEMIES, AND OTHER CELEBRITIES…This Rap/Hip Hop Culture is the one destroying the black community with drugs, illegal guns,money laundering, extortion and violence… I’m under the belief, that if you don’t commit crime, you’ll stay out of jail…If you break the law you belong in jail…No I’m not taking my money to help bail anyone out of jail…The Way of the Transgressor is Hard…You make your bed hard, be prepared to lay in it!!!!!!

  3. fyi "T-DOT" is an actual factual nickname for Toronto and we do say it here…or "the dot" …."the 6ix" is what people say when they are outside of Toronto and referring to us lol..nobody in Toronto over 21 is calling Toronto "the 6ix" on road lol

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