From the Mooch to Sloppy Steve: Trump’s Worst Hiring Decisions

In his first year, Donald Trump has lost over a third of his staff. Here are some of the most notable people to whom The Donald had to say “You’re fired!”

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37 thoughts on “From the Mooch to Sloppy Steve: Trump’s Worst Hiring Decisions

  1. the dislikes on this video should probably a sign to complex that a lot of their viewers are trump supporters – so they should just quit making these political videos

  2. Trump Supporters- a group of cucks who are lacking common sense and can't understand the basics on politics, and who have been dragged away so far from reality to where they can no longer come back.

    Trumptards- a group of cucks who's only counterargument when it comes to politics is "BUT HILLARY!!"

  3. This channel is basically to bash trump they know he’s boosting the economy so they are looking for things to make him look bad 😂😂

  4. What r u actually talking about? The economy and everything is doing good but ur literally pretending or just lying by saying he’s not doing anything good. Like holy shit give him some credit u sound so stupid when u say extremely biased shit like this

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