Funk Flex Calls Out “Wack Rappers,” Future Is Back, Waka vs Datpiff | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Star, and Nadeska debated about Funk Flex calling out wack rappers, Waka Flocka calling out Datpiff, Future’s new song, and much more.

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41 thoughts on “Funk Flex Calls Out “Wack Rappers,” Future Is Back, Waka vs Datpiff | Everyday Struggle

  1. I'm from the UK and I only found out about Kendrick after his feature on Game's The City song. Game's had worldwide success, he was bigger than Kanye at one point in Europe.

  2. Last 5 minutes of this was ignorant as hell. Doesn't matter what music you do, look at Kendrick Lamar, he doesn't have any chains. Puts out good ratchet music and meaningful music. This last 5 minutes gave me no hope in humanity. Shout out 21 man for improving himself and trying to change the culture in a positive way

  3. Star hatin on Game..

    The DJ Envy and Star beef popped off before Game even released an album. Game was salty towards Star because Star told Henchmen(Game's Manager at that time) that he didn’t wanna interview him because of the shit he started with 50 and the baggage he had. Henchmen was cool with it but Game felt like Star was siding with 50.

    First of all, Game put 16-17 year old Kendrick, (K-Dot), Jay Rock, Ab-Soul on his mixtapes, took Kendrick Jay Rock & Ab-Soul on their FIRST tour ever. First mainstream guest verse by Kendrick is on The Game's "RED Album".

    Kendrick Lamar-Last Real nigga alive

    "Let me tell you when it all started
    Game dropped Documentary and made plenty enemies
    It was a classic album, but prior to that
    Guerilla Black debuted and put the city on wax"
    "But that’s a whole ‘nother story, we hit the lab with Game
    And a few other names like Juice and Young, ya boy
    Did the cypher freestyle and everybody’s like, "Wow"
    These Top Dawg niggas ‘bout to make noise"
    Surely after Game took us on tour, I love you for that
    But right after that, we didn’t see him no more"

    Black Boy Fly 2nd verse is all bout The Game..

    straight facts

  4. I long as the Djs, these host, media dont mature the rap game won't . Pac biggie dmx nas kanya didn't run the game off NOTHING these host are saying they made cause you could feel it they have lost what really made the game because it's not here yet today its coming but its not here all we have is Chinese food rap good but not truely filling

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