G.O.O.D. Music Affiliate Malik Yusef Suggests Kanye West Will Address Trump Comments on Friday

Malik Yusef may have dropped a huge hint on the future of Kanye West music with one tweet.

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46 thoughts on “G.O.O.D. Music Affiliate Malik Yusef Suggests Kanye West Will Address Trump Comments on Friday

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  2. Kanye can do whatever he wants and people still gonna give him a pass, that shit crazy, I swear one of these days kanye will say that water can't get you wet and his fans gonna say that may be true cause he's woke

  3. I hate Trump, but I think it’s ridiculous how much backlash he’s getting. Everyone has a right to their political beliefs. And also, Complex, you guys lean way too left when reporting shit. Be more professional and neutral and let people think how they want.

  4. Righ here is one of the reasons why Democrat lost the White House, we are to afraid to have intelligent dialogue between different political views. Instead, we attack those that think differently, like Kanye West.

  5. Oh let me guess all of Kanye's little black power friends are going to tell him to talk against the president or else no one will buy his album you people are so dumb do you know what let me use your numbers do you know how many how much 9% of black people that voted for Trump is that's in the millions dumbasses he's still going to sell

  6. I thought this was America I thought Americans were allowed to have free thought and support whoever they want I guess because he's black it offends everyone that he's thinking for himself and supporting a friend that he's known for over 10 years the Civil Rights was all about freedom of thought being yourself in all these dumb-asses are proving is that their social engineering going on and it's going to blow up in your stupid ass face like Trump or not you got to admit Kanye is exposing that black people aren't allowed to think for themselves according to stupid ass people like this guy talking keep it up jackass

  7. He been addressing them. There's no more to say. Now that he's rich he doesn't care about the hood any more. He wants to be a billionaire and will sell his soul to get it.

  8. It's the kardashia pussy it's make u go crazy in the bad way not in good way it is cruse the pussy cruse tell u but the month I don't know if that part is cruse if u know what I'm saying😉😏💋🍆

  9. Man Kanye Wack ASF not on rap but in person how you go from George Bush don't like black people to I support Trump…??? He need to stop taking them pills.

  10. So Kanye is going to drop an album in the coming months. Now he spouting this pro trump shit on twitter. It’s got people mad and has people talking about him. And we just going ignore the possibility that he’s just saying all this to increase his album sales.

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