Gary Vaynerchuk and Racks Talk the Road to Success

Racks Hogan catches up with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk at the launch of Vaynerchuk’s new K-Swiss collaboration. They talk about “clouds and dirt,” and share tips on how to make it big.

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27 thoughts on “Gary Vaynerchuk and Racks Talk the Road to Success

  1. "Admiration is the currency for me" followed by "I dont hear my accomplishments" this guy is full of shit, I do think he has good advice but his brand is built from empty words, because he's smart enough to know people buy into that kind of bullshit. instagram inspirational quote with a big mout. You have to work hard to be succesfull, no shit.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn't like Gary Vee? He sounds like an annoying fucking infomercial. Nothing he says is really that groundbreaking.

  3. The whole payperview boxing statement is contradicting , isn’t this guy an entrepreneur ? That’s business they gotta make revenue I’m sure he does the same exact thing with his services , if you value the event regardless of price, that’s REAL satisfaction but if you value it thru the price you paid for it then you ain’t living right ….

  4. I've NEVER subscribed to ANYONE'S channel on the first view. But you doing your thing, and Gary V. Is one of 2 desired mentors/advisors for me, the other being Eric Thomas. Keep grinding. See you at the top bro. Much respect.

    1 Luv

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