GBF Dada Feat. GBF King “No Bail” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “No Bail” by GBF Dada Feat. GBF King.

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Directed + Edited by Carlisle Jones
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29 thoughts on “GBF Dada Feat. GBF King “No Bail” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

  1. Are they rep..blood? I’m asking because dude in the video has a Caution shirt on…. bompton not compton…?? Maybe it’s ok for false flagging these day? What do I know lol

  2. How to validate yourself in the melanin community:
    – Rap
    – Talk about violence within your own community
    – Discuss weapons
    – Have gold teeth, necklace
    – Boast about jail
    – Do lots of drugs
    – Tattoo your face
    – Treat women like garbage
    – Dress like an autistic mannequin
    – Throw up gang signs
    – Blame wypipo for the crimes you do

  3. Yay… another set of drug addicted malnutritioned zombie looking ass niggas to add to the rap game… same look, same flow, same weak ass bars…

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