Genesis Coupe Vertical Door / Lambo Door Installation

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Finally! The installation video of the vertical doors on my 2014 Genesis Coupe 2.0T

Click the link below where I’ve compiled a list of many of the mods I have done including the tablet components and products I use to detail my car

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28 thoughts on “Genesis Coupe Vertical Door / Lambo Door Installation

  1. I really want these doors on my car but I have heard a lot of bad things about them people have said that over time the doors start to sag and do not close correctly have you had any of these problems with yours?

  2. Where is the cheapest I can get the installation kit I have a 2013 genesis coupe and I want the vertical doors how much would installation run me ?

  3. Hi
    Good day
    Great, did you really did this installation all by yourself?
    Really love the doors.
    I am thinking of installing on my Merc SLK R171 by myself
    without any help from anyone.

    Do you think that it possible to be installed by a one person alone?
    I have all the tools that are needed & also I am a DIY person
    in all things including in cars.
    Would really appreciate to have your opinion.

    Thank you & have a nice day

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