46 thoughts on “George Carlin – “Racism”

  1. I love George Carlin's point here but for some reason a lot of people somehow this means they can just throw a bunch of slurs at people. He's saying the context matters. When you use them as insults, the context means it's bigoted!

  2. If you make fun of everyone you believe in equality. I've had people make fun of me for being Italian – calling me a greasy guido, and I say call me a guido all you want – just don't get between me and my family, or my money. p.s. everyone makes fun of us guinnys as they go out and spend 150 bucks on two Italian dinners when I know how to cook the real thing for less than 30 bucks LMFAO

  3. I took my aunt (RIH) to see George Carlin (RIH) and he joked about rape and my skin crawled and cringed because my aunt had a traumatic rape. She was next me laughing her butt off. I still couldn't laugh, but I didn't let it interrupt her enjoyment. I'm so glad to have shared that memory with her.

  4. the most widely used euphemisms are "milk", "pork", "beef", "eggs", "meat"
    people don't want to call them by what they are and get offended and defensive when you call those things by their real names

  5. He's wrong about one thing though. He's implying that Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor can't be racists because they're black. There are plenty of black racists.

  6. This is probably one of the most educational TED Talks I could find. George was the man. Truly intellectual. Funny, brilliant, and true. He proved a point. It’s worse today because people get triggered by the littlest of things.

  7. I agree with some of Carlin's other points but….. This is bullshit.

    If you agree with Carlin here then you are an epic cunt! <—- Don't be offended, its just words and I have good intent. BTW if my intent is good, are you okay with me saying "If you agree with Carlin then I hope your mother dies of cancer and children get painfully raped and strangled to death". See those words would offend many people even though the intent was just to show that Carlin was not right on this occasion. That being said intent is NOT the only thing to factor in. He was a funny guy and for the most part pretty intelligent but that doesn't mean he's figured out the meaning of life ok. Even the greatest minds can be wrong sometimes.

  8. George Carlin is great. Why conservatives think he is on their side makes no sense. Too bad he's not around anymore to rip them a new one. His daughter is though. She said: To my dear father's fans – my father was a progressive lefty who was thoughtful and realistic about life. He hated people like Donald Trump.

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