George Zimmerman Allegedly Stalked Man Working on Jay Z-Produced Trayvon Doc

On Monday, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office stated via a press release that George Zimmerman received a criminal summons for stalking. This summons came as a result of accusations that Zimmerman harassed and threatened a man named Dennis Warren multiple times between December 16-25 of 2017.

Warren, for those who may be wondering, is a private investigator who was hired by a production company (Cinemart Productions) that was working with Jay Z while putting together a docu-series on the life of Trayvon Martin. Martin, as you no doubt know, was shot and killed by Zimmerman in 2012. Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder a year later.

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40 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Allegedly Stalked Man Working on Jay Z-Produced Trayvon Doc

  1. I just heard that Zimmerman got into a road rage incident, told the man do you know who I am, and then then next day showed up at the man's job, which he didn't even know the man but somehow got a inside link to be able to find his info. The man seen Zimmerman and called the police, the police came and questioned Zimmerman outside of his job. Now my obvious question is: if Zimmerman pursued this man to his job the next day, what made the foolish people who were siding with him believe that he wouldn't pursue Trayvon with his gun just like he did with this road rage incident fella???? Zimmerman is a murderer. And his actions prove it moreover.

  2. The news was dangerous!!! They were trying the case in public without any evidence!!! The media fueled the outrage!!!
    Trayvon circles back and attacked Zimmerman. He had the greater hand in his own demise. If you are too lazy to learn the facts please don’t comment. That’s dangerous!!! The media and misleading information caused unnecessary drama. Too many people prejudging Zimmerman and mob mentality, it they could have taken their “justice” in their own hands would have killed an innocent man. Witnesses and forensics proved Zimmerman was innocent. He was not racist. Too much past history to prove that untrue. The media fed us the story and told us how to feel about it. That’s dangerous!!!

  3. Thank you. I was literally just wondering that very thing. Thank you for confirming he is still a complete piece of shit…..

  4. He killed the kid and he’s guilty put him away. It’s so obvious that he did it on purpose because he fking messed up in the head and messed with the kid and kid flipped and he kill him because he’s a creep

  5. Big George should work for the Trump administration as Secretary of Defense or Chief of Homeland Security or Ambassador to Africa. I'm surprised he hasn't got a call from the White House yet, he would fit right in with the rest of the cabinet members.

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