Get Yourself Some Kim Kardashian Hand-Me-Downs on eBay

eBay has some pretty fire merchandise of late. Earlier this week, we reported that you could buy a co-writing credit to one of Prince’s earliest singles on the auction website, but there’s some new one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to fetch more than a few bids. Kim Kardashian is selling more than 200 items from her renowned wardrobe on the site, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The swag is being sold through marketing agency Auction Cause, and many of the items are pre-owned, meaning Kim K herself wore them at some point. I’m not sure if that’s a plus or not, but I’m sure there’s a lot of freaks out there who would die to get their hands on some of Kimmy’s dead skin cells. There are also some new, never been worn items for sale, including things like bikini bottoms. No, there are no used underthings, you weirdos. Mind you, there are some yoga pants up for sale that aren’t marked as new. Although, I’m not sure your average human could fill them out the same way Kim can.

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