Giants Trading OBJ?!; Markelle Fultz Finally Returns; Michael Bennett Felony Drama | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds boys begin by discussing reports that the Giants are listening to trade offers for superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. He’s got HOF numbers so far, but he’s also coming off a broken ankle, makes some unwanted headlines, and is demanding a huge contract extension. So, is OBJ worth hanging onto and paying? Next, OOB breaks down the felony charge that Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett turned himself in for yesterday. There’s no evidence despite the alleged incident happening at Super Bowl LI…but is the damage already done by simply accusing the outspoken NFL activist of intentionally injuring a 66-year-old paraplegic woman? Gil has some strong feelings. In other legal news, a former Saints cheerleader has filed a discrimination complaint against the team, claiming there’s a sexist double standard for cheerleaders and players when it comes to social media and fraternization. It’s not PC, but in talking about cheerleader-player interactions, Gil exposes exactly how things work in pro sports. Finally, with Sixers rookie guard Markelle Fultz returning to action for the first time since a shoulder injury sidelined him last October, the team reacts to his 14-minute performance and his conspicuous silence when asked about his ailment. Additionally, they discuss his short-term and long-term impact, plus how he stacks up against much-hyped Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

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49 thoughts on “Giants Trading OBJ?!; Markelle Fultz Finally Returns; Michael Bennett Felony Drama | Out of Bounds

  1. Ben Simmons like Gil said…was saying Fultz in practice is the hardest to keep from driving he is way stronger going to the basket now than he was before…as his J comes back those step backs, spin moves…etc

    Pierce is being a hater in saying Lonzo hasn't had better games than what we saw from Fultz in that one game…Lonzo has have so really good games on both ends of the floor…I hate that kind of commentary…thirsty for hot takes instead of facts.

  2. Come on gil u get 7 assist u can create and plus what is dribble moves and when he penetrates
    Ya some of his assist he doesn't do most a lot of work but John wall get assists like those,Chris Paul, lebron all the greats get easy assists just chill.
    Wait next season lone gonna average 16pts,10ast,8reb

  3. The Michael Bennett situation is stupid as hell. Why even hire a 66 year old paraplegic at the Super Bowl lmao and they have no evidence but he was still indicted. Wow.

  4. Cmon guys, ES and Out of Bounds are both great shows. Both had key things happen, OOO got rid of Mia, and ES replaced Joe with Star and Wayno. I love the new editions to both shows, they both gave stars a new light to shine and grow even more. AK in a weird space but he’s popping

  5. Its not going to get worse for Markelle not answering questions about his injury if the kid is playing from now on. Makes no sense on top of the fact that whatever it is, ain't our business in the first place. So if he chose not to answer or the front office said keep the intel close; respect it and move on.

  6. So bias is why Odell should leave the Giants? Cause the fans annoy him. Antonio Brown…isnt that the guy who twerked as a celebration? The guy who knocked a cooler down demanding the ball (as the most targeted receiver at that time?) The guy who recorded his coach talking about New England and does facebook live vids after games? Odell doesnt have an injury history. Yeah he missed 12 games…but had as many TDs as Julio Jones. #PayThatMan

  7. That white guy is dumb ! Odell doesn’t have an injury history just 1 injury that sat him out for the season .. ppl keep saying a.b is better then Odell witch is stupid ! A.b has a run game . A mobile qb and another good wr . Let’s look at what Odell have . No run game an ok turnover qb . Put Odell on the Steelers and see what kind # he put up

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