Gil Violates; Jon Jones Knocks Himself Out; Fixing the NFL | Out of Bounds

The NFL is getting something right for a change?! Word is the league’s competition committee is serious about changing its confusing and controversial catch rule. Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew discuss that, as well as some other potential rule changes that they don’t all support (not everybody gives AF about player safety, apparently). Then, following LeBron’s comments that the NCAA is “corrupt” and young players need a viable alternative to college and overseas leagues, the team talks about how realistic it is for the G League to become a farm system. In discussing his experience at the University of Arizona, Gil learns that he may have violated a whole gang of rules, before explaining why he hates Duke and Coach K with a passion. Next, the guys look ahead to the weekend’s big Celtics-Rockets primetime matchup in “In Play” and wonder if Boston’s stout D can stop Houston’s roll, and Gil explains his problem with Kyrie Irving. Finally, in the wake of the California State Athletic Commission punishing former UFC champ Jon Jones for his second positive steroid test, OOB checks his excuses and tries to decide if he’s the most disappointing athlete to squander their talent.

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37 thoughts on “Gil Violates; Jon Jones Knocks Himself Out; Fixing the NFL | Out of Bounds

  1. These guys are off a little on what is and isn't a violation. You can work if you're on scholarship. Pretty much all scholly athletes work summer jobs. Problems come when those guys aren't going to work and still getting paid. I do agree that the NCAA rules are F'd up.

  2. Gilbert arenas stupid. Everybody knows that in America. The value of money is more important than a punk ass education. The opportunities it can create could do more for you than a education ever will.

  3. Gilbert is wrong. Because the schools nor the NCAA pays the scholarships. Our donors paid our scholarships and we hand wrote them thank you letters. The school and NCAA needs to pay the athletes. They have a multi billion dollar industry where they don't pay the employees.

  4. Simple NCAA athletes should be paid what they would’ve made having a part time job. Say minimum wage is $11/hr. You make 20k for the school year you’re attending. Problem solved

  5. I hope the NFL dies! Let them kneel together in the unemployment line! Along with the sponsors! RIP, Nothing last forever.🤣…..if you were to protest in front of the business that employs you( if not on welfare) while you are on the clock getting paid for your services, I think you might get fired or disciplined.  If not let me know where to apply. And it has to pay more than 500k a year!

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