‘Good Reasons for Slavery’ Homework Sparks Outrage

We’re officially in 2018 and we still can’t get away from ignorant approaches to race. According to ABC 13, a Christian elementary school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is receiving backlash after a teacher gave out a social studies homework assignment where students were asked to list “three good reasons for slavery,” according to Fox 6.

The parents of the fourth-grade students at Our Redeemer Lutheran School were in shock when they saw the assignment. Trameka Brown-Berry posted an image of her son Jerome’s homework on Facebook, writing, “Does anyone else find my fourth-grader’s homework offensive?” It has since been shared over 2,000 times with other parents commenting on the polarizing assignment. Becca Dernier wrote, “There are so many different ways this could have been worded. The teacher was being insensitive. Example: ‘Who benefited from slavery? List three ways that they benefited from it, and explain your answers.’ Just using the word good with quotations isn’t enough without context. The teacher (of fourth graders might I add) should have known better.”

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27 thoughts on “‘Good Reasons for Slavery’ Homework Sparks Outrage

  1. It's not an offensive assignment. The point is to get the kids to think through the topic, it is like a thought experiment. Absolutely nothing to be offended about this

  2. People overreact to everything these days. (I'm Mexican). If this was being super racist to Mexican I wouldn't give a single fuck about it. You want to make fun of my race we'll go ahead I don't give one shit

  3. Ya niggas is frail af , all of our ethnicities was enslaved at one point, its not great i know , its still on to this day in africa , russia , anywhere really ,yall really gotta stop crying wolf and fight the wolf. Yall want slavery to end do something about it dont sit there and bitch , now me i could careless , im just getting this shit off my chest cause some of yall are some little bitches

  4. Niggas acting like this is racist, how exactly is it, its not like yall didnt learn this when yall was in school too 😂😂 there was benefits from slavery even though there was negatives, just like the purpose of the westward expansion, there is negatives, but also positives. Niggas always tryns play the victim, shut ya ass up

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