Google Is Reportedly Developing a Video Game Service and Console

We now have more details about Googleโ€™s rumored gaming venture.

Kotaku published a report Thursday in which five sources confirmed that the tech company was developing a video game streaming service similar to GeForce Now. Though there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the undertaking, insiders told the publication that the platform would include some type of hardware that could rival PlayStation and Xbox. Sources also claim Google will attempt to join forces with game developers either โ€œthrough aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions.โ€ The web giant is said to have met with a number of big-time gaming companies in recent months; however, Google has not made an official announcement about the platform codenamed Yeti.

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43 thoughts on “Google Is Reportedly Developing a Video Game Service and Console

  1. Lol Google no one wants to stream games. Not till you get google fiber out everywhere and start offering cheaper plans instead of just 1gb or 5mbs. Work on finishing that then start talking about streaming games. If the console cant run games via blu ray or downloaded then itll flop for sure no question. Theyd have to burst into the e3 scene and all that to build hype around it too. But like I said before unless you have a stable fast internet connection thatll never make the games lag itll flop. Most Americans dont have good internet as is. And most don't want to stream their games. So itll be a niche market.

  2. Interesting. If they make all games downloadable, all you'll need is additional hard drives as attachments instead of buying the physical games. Probably have all your games backed up on the cloud.

  3. The big 3(Microsoft,Sony and Nintendo) have made it virtually impossible for a new console to exist now. Google would need to do something truly innovative and have full support from the top devs/publishers. Remember the Sega dreamcast

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